Eritrea: Anseba - Malaria Prevalence Significantly Reduced

Keren — The prevalence of malaria has dropped by 97% in the Anseba region as a result of the integrated effort made by the Ministry of health, the public and stakeholders. At an assessment meeting conducted in Keren on 16-17 December, it was reported that the Ministry of Health is extensively working to eradicate malaria by designing five years strategic plan ranging from 2017 to 2021. The Head of Malaria Control at the Ministry of Health branch in the region, Mr. Kiros Sereke stated that the achievement registered attests to the integrated effort made and called for strong participation of the public and stakeholders in the effort for total eradication of the disease. Indicating that people's mobility, unsafe use of impregnated bed nets, lack of environmental sanitation as well as late coming to health facilities and improper use of drugs are the main causes and consequences of the disease, Mr. Kiros said that vulnerable members of the society are farmers, herdsmen, members of the EDF and students and called for concerted awareness raising programs. Mr. Abdullahi Tita, D. G. of Social Services in the region, called for preserving the achievements already registered and strengthening participation for bringing behavioral change. Credit:

Indepth Network
Malaria Consortium
Ifakara Health Research
Dodowa Health Research
Exxon Mobile
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