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In a statement by the UN World Health Organization (WHO), Somalia has been declared free form polio since it hasn’t recorded any polio in the last three years.

According to WHO, Somalia has remained free from the paralyzing virus since its last case of polio was recorded in 2014.

The UN health agency, however, continued that the country should continue campaigning against the disease because it was still vulnerable.

The head of WHO Eastern Mediterian, Mohammed Faqi, said it was through massive campaigns by the government and other international organizations against the polio virus which made it no0t to recur in the horn of African country.

“As the world edges closer to eradicating polio, keeping alert in countries that have high risk of polio importation like Somalia is more of priority than ever,” Fiqi said.

“As we move forward, the polio programme in Somalia needs to continue to work to maintain and improve the level of population immunity against polio through target vaccination campaign and strengthening of the routine immunisation services and infrastructure,” Fiqi added.

Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria are the only countries left who still records polio.

The President of Somalia, H.E Mohammed Abdullahi Farmaajo hailed the efforts made to make his country free of the polio virus which made children suffer.

“To eradicate polio was a big success and it was collective effort and commitment by many young men and women who sacrificed their lives,” President Farmaajo noted.

Somalia after eliminating polio, is still responding to an outbreak of watery diarrhea/cholera which began in January 2017. However, the polio system is being used to intervene both diseases.

“Polio infrastructure has been critical in responding to these other serious outbreaks,” said Fikri.



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